Partial or full demolition of any building requires strict adherence to some valuable safety measures. You never know when debris can come out of nowhere and knock into one of the contractors on site. Using a qualified excavation and demolition contractor in the greater Toronto area is the first step to ensuring your job site will be safe and free from potential lawsuits.
Here are a few straightforward tips to keeping everyone out of harm’s way on your next demolition project. 

Double Check Contractor Equipment

When you hire a quality company, you should see their heavy machinery operators double-checking their equipment multiple times a day. Beyond the basic safety standards, these workers understand that their equipment pays the bills. They should all have proper certification and insurance to operate the massive machines and be well acquainted with load balance and acceptable clear viewpoints. If you hire a company that shows up with an excavator or bulldozer that looks straight out of a Picasso painting, move on.

The Importance of the ‘Final Sweep’

Never work with a company that doesn’t perform a final sweep before demolition begins. The goal of keeping a worksite safe is to follow proper procedures and checklists. Doing so cuts way down on the potential for accidents or miscommunication. In addition, a final sweep ensures the site is properly secure and prepped and that all workers and visitors are well aware of what is going to happen next. The team leader is usually the person to perform this sweep and the last to be close to the demolition site before forcing everyone to move back while the job is completed.

Everyone has Experience and Training

A good indication you are working with an experienced company is their willingness to openly teach the less experienced workers on the site. They will routinely go over safety measures and tricks of the trade while they are performing their job role. This serves two purposes. It ensures a new generation of workers are being adequately trained for the future, and it creates more redundancy for the teacher so that the job is done right the first time.

Walkways and Infrastructure Bracing

Whenever demolition is involved, special attention needs to be paid to the infrastructure of buildings and municipalities. Special devices and supports are often put into place to ensure nothing will break or get damaged during the demo work. This is also true for walkways. Without proper ingress and egress, people will not be able to move out of the way of any potential damage.

Removal of Debris

Demolition is like working in a kitchen. If everyone does their job, there won’t be a giant mess to clean up. As long as the workers systematically remove unwanted debris and buildup, the job site will stay clear of obstructions and be easy to work around. This creates a far safer environment for everyone involved.

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